Emergency Floor Warden System

Floor Wardens Duties - Always maintain calm and order

1. Ensure the evacuation is in progress


A.  If no other staff members are present, the floor warden's responsibilities are:

a.            Search floor and order evacuation/relocation of buildings occupants.

b.            Guide tenants away from elevators to stairs

c.             Ensure safety of persons in need of evacuation assistance

d.            Ensure that emergency responders knows the location of individuals trapped or in refuge.

e.            Evacuate/relocate with others to a pre-designated area, once floor has been cleared and safe.


B.  If Floor Warden has staff:

a.  Searcher

·         Search whole floor and direct all to stairway

·         Close and mark all interior doors

·         Report "All Clear" to Floor Warden

·         Evacuate

b.  Elevator Monitor

·         Station self at elevators

·         Direct all to stairways

·         Evacuate with searchers

c.  Evacuation Assistance Aide:

·         Assist persons in need of evacuation assistance to:

o   Enclosed stairway

o   Area of evacuation assistance/area of refuge

·         Reports location of persons in need of evacuation assistance to:

o   Floor Warden

o   Fire Safety Director

o   Fire Department Officer (only if Floor Warden or Fire Safety Director is not available)

d.  Exit/Stair Monitor:

·         Station self at stair entrance.

·         Maintain calm and order.

·         Direct all occupants down stairs to relocate or evacuate.

·         Evacuate/Relocate with Searcher.