Bomb Threat

Upon receiving a bomb threat remain calm and try to retrieve the following information from the caller:

A.  What time will the bomb go off?

B.  Where is the bomb?

C.  What type of bomb is it?

D.  Why was the bomb planted?

E.  Did the caller plant the bomb?

F.  What is the caller's name?


Note the following:

A.  Time of the call

B.  Was the caller male or female?

C.  Describe the voice or accent

D.  Background noises

E.  Was the caller angry or did s/he show other emotions?


Upon hanging up:

A.  Notify the Emeryville Police 9-1-1.

B.  Call Building Management 510-594-3100.

C.  Notify your supervisor/manager.

D.  Wait calmly for further instructions from your supervisor, Police or Security.

E.  To prevent panic, do not mention the call to anyone else.


High-Level Threat or Suspicious Article Found


If a suspicious article is found:

·         Notify Security 510-594-3100 (510-715-9534 after normal hours).

·         Notify 9-1-1.

·         Do not pick up or move the article. Wait for the authorities.

·         Keep persons away from the object.