Actions of Anyone Who Smells Smoke or Finds Fire


Follow instructions in this order:

A.   Remain calm.

B.   Pull or activate the fire alarm (fire pull station), located by the stairwells on each floor and building entrance.

C.   Call 9-1-1 from a safe location.

D.   If possible, call Security 510-594-3100 (510-715-9534 after normal hours).

E.   Assist others in exiting, if safe to do so.

F.    Extinguish small fires, only if safe to do so and you are trained.

G.   Evacuate and restrict the spread of fire by closing doors behind you.

H.   Follow all directions given by Floor Warden or Fire Safety Director

I.     Do   not   re-enter   building   until   Fire   Department   approves   re-entry.


Exiting Procedures

C.          Team members will meet quickly at a pre-designated area to assemble and then perform the emergency duties: Disabled Assistant, Elevator Monitor and Searchers.

D.          Occupants of the 7th floor and above will relocate down four floors; occupants of the 6th floor and below will evacuate the building and go to their company’s pre-designated meeting area on the north side of the building, near the bay. Select this location in advance and inform all employees of where to go and to stay there for further instructions.

·         Floors 7 and above relocate during normal business hours; nights weekends and holidays all occupants will fully evacuate the building upon any fire alarm sounding.

E.           Do not use elevators. Move in an orderly fashion toward the stairs.

·         When descending the stairs, stay to the right and out of the way of ascending fire personnel.

·         Keep calm, exit orderly and follow all directions.

·         Do not hold fire stairwell doors open. Stairwells must be kept closed to prevent smoke from entering.

D.  When evacuating use caution when you approach a closed door:

·         Carefully check for heat with the back of your hand by lightly touching the doorframe near the top. Then check the doorknob. If it is hot, go to an alternate exit.

·         Brace yourself, and open the door slowly if it is cool to the touch. You may need to shut it quickly if you encounter flame or smoke.

·         Enter the area carefully and close the door behind you if you find it filled with smoke.

·         Drop to your hands and knees and keep your face near the floor whenever there is heavy smoke.

·         Follow the wall to the nearest exit and leave the building.


E.   Report status of your floor when exiting the building to a security officer or fire fighter.

F.    Move at least 100 feet away from the building. Do not stand directly outside the building. Avoid crossing the street; this will slow traffic and potentially slow emergency responders

G.   Be prepared to take a head count.     No person is to leave the area of the building until they are recognized and accounted for.

H.   What to do if you are trapped in a building

·         First of all, stay calm. Try to go to a room with an outside window and stay there. Close the door.

·         If there is a working telephone in the room, call the Fire Department, 9- 1-1, and tell them exactly where you are, even if you see fire trucks below.

·         To help rescuers find you, stay where they can see you and wave something bright and light-colored to attract their attention.

·         To keep smoke out of your refuge area, use clothing, towels, or newspapers to stuff the cracks around the door and cover the air vents.

·         Above all, think before you act and be patient until help arrives. Rescue will take time, and rescuers will try to begin with those who are in the most immediate danger.


Fire Extinguisher

Only those persons who have been trained should use an extinguisher. Remember to keep between the exit and fire, get fresh air immediately.

A.  Ensure that the alarm has been sounded.

B.  Check fire extinguisher (Is it the proper type and in good condition?)

C.  Remove the extinguisher from its place and hold it upright. Stand back 8  to 10 feet from the fire. Follow the acronym P A S S.

·         Pull the retaining pin.

·         Aim the nozzle at the base of the flames, and

·         Squeeze the handle completely. This will discharge the extinguishing agent at the fire. Use a sweeping motion from side-to-side.

·         Sweep from side to side. Go slightly beyond the fire area with each pass. Once the fire is out, wait before leaving the area. You may need to make a further application, in case the fire re-ignites.


Persons in need of Evacuation Assistance

Persons in need of evacuation assistance to a safe area of refuge or area of evacuation assistance (Enclosed stairwells or defend in place) should have persons pre-assigned to them in advance of an emergency.


If Trapped In Smoke Filled Room or Corridor/Defend Place

If possible crawl on hands and knees to a safe area. Try to get to an enclosed


stairway or get into a smoke free room and defend in place (stay where you are and await rescue).

A.  Seal doors or transoms with wet towels.

B.  Call 9-1-1 to report location and condition.

C.   Open window for fresh-air if possible. Do not break windows unless you are in severe danger of smoke inhalation.

D.  Hang a bright object from window.

E.  Breathe through wet towel and stay low.