Civil Disturbance

Should you witness an unruly crowd or one that threatens your personal safety:

  1. Do not go through a violent crowd to leave or enter a building.
  2. Call 9-1-1 and inform of the situation. Answer all questions.
  3. Call Security 510-594-3100 (510-715-9534 after normal hours).
  4. Stay away from the unruly crowd.
  5. Remain within the building.            Do nothing to antagonize the demonstrators. Inform all other personnel to do likewise.
  6. Close all drapes in exterior rooms and then avoid window areas. You could become a target. Lock all doors.
  7. Report to the core area of the building (away from the exterior of the building).
  8. Stay off the phone. Avoid unnecessary phone conversations.
  9. Use good judgment and remain calm and stay in your office/department unless you are in an unsafe position or instructed to leave by Police.
  10. Secure all valuable materials in a safe place or at least out of sight.
  11. If a demonstrator enters the premises, keep calm, be courteous and avoid an incident. Avoid actions or verbal responses that may provoke the situation. Avoid arguments, provocative statements or entering into a debate with a participant. They have entered the building to propagandize, confront or agitate the building's occupants. Let them make their point. Frustrating them is dangerous and provocative. Do not try to reason with them. Call Police to have the individual removed if you can do so without incident.
  12. Cooperate. Certain services may be limited during a disturbance. Access will be restricted. Withdraw from the area until it is safe to enter.