Fire Safety Director Non- Emergency Duties

1.   Ensure training of:

A.  Floor Warden, Searcher, Disabled Aide and Elevator Monitor

a.    Safe evacuation/relocation procedures

b.    Fire safety and prevention

c.     Location and use of fire extinguishers

d.    Fire restriction (closing doors and windows)

e.    Fire drills


B.  On-site Management, Engineers, Security and Custodians

a.      Response communications (radio and phones)

b.      Assigned duties

c.       Crowd control

d.      Fire safety and prevention

e.      Location and use of fire extinguishers, hoses, alarm panels, water, electrical and gas shut-offs

f.        Fire drills


C.  Tenants

a.      Fire and safety prevention

b.      Fire extinguisher and restriction

c.       Fire drills - evacuation


2.      Implements and maintains the Facility Emergency Plan

3.      Ensure all testing and maintenance of life safety equipment