Parking Rates:

Transient Parking:

First 20 minutes are free, every 20 minutes after that is $2 up to a $16 max. Lost tickets are to pay the cost of the daily max, $16.

    0-20 minutes $0.00
  21-40 minutes $2.00
  41-60 minutes $4.00
  61-80 minutes $6.00
  81-100 minutes $8.00
101-120 minutes $10.00
121-140 minutes $12.00
141-160 minutes $14.00
     161+ minutes $16.00


Monthly Parking: 

Non-Reserved stall $120.00/month
Reserved Stall $150.00/month



Validations are available for sale by the parking office. There is an order form that must be completed in order to process validation requests. Forms are to be sent in directly through the Angus work order system. Original tickets must be used in conjunction with the validations at the exit gate to leave.  Payment is due upon validation delivery to tenants.